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Colors of life
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Knowing which color works best for you

I am sure most of us have heard of color therapy. I totally support the use of color therapy in our daily lives.
However, in my opinion, not all colors and its properties have the same effect on every individual.
For example, we all know that "almonds" are very good for health... however, tons of people are allergic to "nuts".
Again, meaning and properties of colors differ from culture to culture...
The color red is considered to bring good luck in the Chinese culture, but in other cultures, the color red has different meaning: Danger, Passion, Anger, Confidence, etc
In my suggestion - when it comes to choosing which color works best for you, don't go by the books. Use it as a guide line but trust your instincts. 
Color guidelines:
Healing:            Light Blue
Growth:            Green
Wisdom:           Purple
Love:                Pink
Joy:                  Yellow
Confidence:       Orange
Protection:         Black

Courage:            Red

Creativity:          Turquoise
Purity:                White 
When you look at a color, notice the first impression that comes to mind...
If you are feeling down and being around nature (trees and plants) uplifts your mood, then green is the healing color for you... whereas for some people using green brings in prosperity and money :)
Bottom line, trust your instincts and you will do just fine!  

Please note, this is just my opinion... I'm not challenging or disrespecting the findings of Edgar Cayce or any of the respected authors in the past or present and future :)