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1000 Healer

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Natural stones and crystals are powerful energy sources. Their subtle vibrations resonate with the body’s energies to produce profound physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

  • They can be worn as jewelry,
  • Decorated at homes to clear negative energy and bring in peace and harmony
  • Use to align chakras… 
  • Use for improving specific areas of your life
  • Use for healing physical, emotional and mental well being
  • Use as a talisman to bring luck or attract love and prosperity  


Selecting your crystals


When looking at a selection of crystals on display…

Relax your mind and body and see which crystal attracts you. By following your instincts and trusting your intuition you begin to trust yourself.


Other ways of making the selection is

  • Dowsing the stone with a pendulum
  • By passing your hand over the crystal to see if you can feel an energetic connection.

If you make a strong energetic connection, your skin will tingle or you will feel a rush of either cold or tingling sensation through out your body...


However, if you are still not sure and new to crystal healing therapy, I would suggest Clear Quartz, because it is the “Master Healer” and it has all the seven color rays of the seven chakras.



Crystals in various cultures


In Astrology – Stones are chosen by looking at the placement of the planets in the houses.

In Numerology – Life path number usually determine the color of your stone

Day of the week – Stones are chosen based on the day the person was born

Birth Month – Some people prefer to wear the stone corresponding to their birth month

Healing Purposes - Stones and crystals are chosen for the properties of their healing energies


Please note, half of your money spent on buying any items from my shop will be donated to a budhist temple. This is my policy.

For more information, please email me